Going to Adobe Max 2017!

I’m going to Adobe MAX this week ! It’ll be my second year at the conference, and I’m  excited to be attending with more friends this year. 

One of my favorite things about Adobe MAX is the sheer size of the whole event. My experience could vary greatly from someone else’s, and each session provides a high-level of value. Here’s a list of the sessions I’ve signed up to attend, and why I chose them. 


47 Things To Know About After Effects

Taking away what I’ve learned in college, I wonder if there’s more. If anything, it’s nice to get a refresher.


Transparent Teams: Driving Alignment Through an Open Creative Process

As one of the departmental goals, our group has been focusing on how to bring our creative process to more departments, and I feel like I would gain a lot of help in this department.


You Gotta Make a Lot of Stuff Before You Can Make Stuff Like Yourself

After seeing Tim’s talk last year, I was hesitant on signing up worried it would be a repeat. But I believe in the title, and I’d like to see the making of a lot of stuff.


Illustrator? Animator? Designer? 25 Years Later and Still Not Sure Who I Am

With all the different titles out there, it’s easy to get lost on how to embody what I really do. It’s nice to see someone talk through figuring it out.


Creating a Character From Scratch with Character Animator

I’m really picky about labs, since the one we attended did last year was a little easy. I have definitely never touched animator before so it’s be nice to learn how from start to finish


Lettering Design from Sketch to Final Artwork

Martina Flor is a huge name in lettering, and I’m super excited to see her speak. I haven’t had a chance to dig deep into her recent book, so this will serve as the trailer to what I may experience at home. 


Let’s Get Lucky!

I googled Tad Carpenter and his studio, Carpenter Collective, and thought his work looked really fun. Being a husband / wife design team always wins points with me since Lucas and I collaborate so often.


InDesign Wow! Publish Online and Animations

Working at a content marketing agency, I am constantly looking for new ways to get content out, especially when it has hints of the software and workflow we already use. From what I currently know about indesign publushing online, distribution is hard to come by because it only is supported by flash, which seems to be slowly phased out by browsers. I’d love to figure out ways to get animation into ebooks as well as have it be viewable by their audiences.


Designing for 231,556,622 Americans

More often than i would prefer, the audience we design for is “Everyone.” Will it talk about approaching design in a digestible way, or accessibility? Or maybe this talk will be directed towards a certain group that was counted in a census. 


Stepping into the Spotlight: Techniques to Step Up Your Presentation Game 

I try my best to write whenever I send deliverables to explain my thinking, but the next level skill I probably need is selling our ideas and our design choices. I’d like to represent our company in the best light, and I’d want to improve.


How to Prove the Value of Design – with Science

In high school I really loved math and science. There was always a definitive answer and since turning my back on Computer Science in college, I’ve always kinda missed it. Maybe that’s why I enjoy working for an agency that has a strong background in data visualization. I’d love if the definitive answers I enjoyed in my teens could help me explain the value of our work.


Type Choreography for Everyone

50+ days into 100 days of motion, I thought this title really epitomized the work I do. I looked into the summary, and it will be a different workflow than I use, but I would love to see how a brand like Lynda is currently using the same combination of things to make something different than I do. 


If you’re going to be at Adobe MAX this year and you’re attending any of these sessions, let me know on Twitter or Instagram, @jefamularcano or just say hi!