Going to Adobe Max 2017!

I’m going to Adobe MAX this week ! It’ll be my second year at the conference, and I’m  excited to be attending with more friends this year. 

One of my favorite things about Adobe MAX is the sheer size of the whole event. My experience could vary greatly from someone else’s, and each session provides a high-level of value. Here’s a list of the sessions I’ve signed up to attend, and why I chose them. 

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One Giant Leap: Mural for Column Five

Each of our conferences in the Column Five office are named for eight planets in the solar system (I still believe in you, Pluto). We recently added two more official rooms, one of which being Mission Control. This is to become a casual meeting space comprised of a single couch with two lounge chairs and like the other conference rooms, a full whiteboard wall to track ideas. Unlike the planet conference rooms, the colors on the wall were still white. Since this was to be a special non-reserved room, there was a request to paint a mural in this room. 

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